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*Please submit a HiREI Coaching Application for consideration into the HiREI Coaching Program. Once we receive that we will contact you within 24-48 Hours to discuss your application.

Silver Real Estate Phone Coaching Gold Real Estate Phone Coaching
1 — 90 Minute Strategy Session 1 — 90 Minute Strategy Session
10 — 45 Minute Follow-up Sessions 22 — 45 Minute Follow-up Sessions
3 — Months of email support 6 — Months of email support
Platinum Real Estate Phone Coaching Elite Real Estate Phone Coaching
1 — 90 Minute Strategy Session 1 — 90 Minute Strategy Session
34 — 45 Minute Follow-up Sessions 46 — 45 Minute Follow-up Sessions
9 — Months of email support 12 — Months of email support


During your 90-Minute Strategy Session and throughout your remaining sessions your Coach will continuously evaluate and discuss with you the best path forward.

The Coach will discuss, your financial situation, strengths, weaknesses, current credit worthiness, interests, background, risk tolerance, training received, goals, understand your expectations and what you expect from Hawaii Real Estate Investor’s Coaching Program.

The Coach will determine what basic services, tools products and marketing materials you already have in place and identify any missing components.

The Coach will evaluate your Power Team, which ones are best and identify which ones need to be found.

The Coach will assist with identifying low/middle and high income neighborhoods and identify the target areas.

The Coach will teach you the different property platforms, identify market conditions
and your comfort level to determine the favored property platform.

The Coach will go in depth on wholesaling, lease option, rehab/retail and rental strategies. They will cover what money making strategies exist and when to use them.

The Coach will show you how money is made in real estate through appreciation (both forced and natural), depreciation and cash flow.

The Coach will teach what advertising is used in which circumstance and what vehicles to advertise in and show various tactics used to find properties and how to farm for property acquisition.

The Coach will show you which inventory acquisitions strategies are required for each property to get it under control.

The Coach will demonstrate negotiation techniques and role play interviews with property owners. You will learn how to skillfully, yet compassionately, determine seller motivation by identify key motivators.

The Coach will ensure you understand how to determine if a property has profit potential, where to find the money and which type of money to use in what situation. Detailing how to identify as is value, fair market value (FMV), after repair value (ARV), maximum allowable offer (MAO), repair cost estimation, cashflow analysis, return on investment (ROI), and return on equity.

The Coach will teach what is available to reduce the liability of property ownership.

The Coach will work with you on making offers with a letter of intent and actual contracts. You will understand the major provisions in a contract and the multiple contingency clauses. The Coach will find actual properties in the field and make offers. You will learn how to make offers using LOI and actual contracts.

You will see how a business plan is put together. Why its components are important.
Why this RE business is more than a hobby. You will incorporate your “To DO List” and “Action Plan” into your Business Plan. You will understand how a business plan supports your goals. The business plan will mathematically calculate the date  students can leave their jobs. Students will include this date in their goals.

The Coach will assist you with locating, analyzing and making offers on properties.

You and the Coach will discus previous weeks activities and address any concerns or questions you have.

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