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Who Needs a Real Estate Coach?


The simple answer to the seemingly complex question of “Who needs a real estate coach?” is everyone investing in real estate. That’s right, the institutionalized investing company to the one-person show need coaches and advisors.

The CEO of a public investing company has mentors/coaches as well as a board of directors to turn to. They often don’t have a choice of who their coaches are, but real estate investors do. Unfortunately, with this choice of a coach comes another choice that is often made instead. That choice is to not get any help at all.

Not getting any help at all is very often the cause of failure statistics we hear so much about. Real estate investors will often claim that they don’t have the time or money for a coach. Think about that comment. How can you not have the money to get help from someone that can potentially save or make you more money since you obviously are not getting it done on your own? Or how about that time you are lacking? Maybe if that investor sat down for an hour with a coach, they would be able to see why they don’t have time and do something about it with the help of someone who has already been in those shoes.

A coach gives to real estate investors something most of them don’t have; a sounding board and a board of directors to turn to for advice. These are two great resources to

Funding Real Estate Deals

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You’ve made the decision to invest in Real Estate and are going through the process of building your team. However, one thing keeps jumping out at you – your bank account doesn’t have enough cash to fund the $125,000 you estimate you need to buy, rehab and hold an investment property you have your eyes on.

Just like the majority of other Real Estate Investors, you need to find a source of funds to complete your deals.

What you need to do is to sit down and think like a lender. 

If you were lending someone money to invest in real estate, what would you be looking for? Remember, you are putting your hard-earned funds at risk if the person you are lending to doesn’t get the job done. Hence, you will want to look at the situation very carefully before agreeing to be their lender. What are your biggest areas of concern? Before reading further, think of at least three questions you would want your borrower to answer.

Banks and private lenders go through the same practice.

Their goal is to generate a return on their capital while minimizing their risk. You need to prove to your lender that the investment you are asking them to fund is virtually risk-free. The riskier the venture, the higher the cost of capital.

Lenders look at the six C’s of Credit:

  1. Character – or perceived integrity

Janet Behm's Business Negotiation Skills FTW (For The Win)

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“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.” - Robert Quillen

No matter what industry you're in, or how far you go in your career, the ability to effectively negotiate can make the difference between success and mediocrity. You may have heard me quoted, "Be World Class At ONE Thing, Rather Than Mediocre At Everything!"

Whether it's a multimillion-dollar contract, a job offer, or a luncheon, here are some trenches-tested business negotiation skills that will bring you closer to your ideal outcome:

Know what you want in advance.  Don't go to the table without a clear, realistic idea of what you want to achieve. It will help you negotiate with confidence.

 for what you want.
 Don't be afraid to make the first offer. You'll set the tone for the discussion, and studies (and my experience) suggest that the negotiator who goes first usually comes closer to getting what he or she wants. In chess, white moves first and continues the advantage.

Understand what your partner wants.  A successful negotiation should satisfy both sides. Instead of trying to crush your competition, find out what he or she hopes to get, and work together toward a solution that works for you both.