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Hawaii Real Estate Investors: HiREI is Hawaii’s LARGEST Real Estate Investors Association and has been serving the islands of Hawaii since 2001. HiREI has been gathering real estate investors from around the state for the best opportunity for networking and education. Founded in 2001 by Paul Xavier with his vision to unite Hawaii’s investors.

HiREI is a collaboration of investors that vary from beginner to developer, part-time to full-time enthusiast. We introduce new ideas, facilitate meetings and seminars, and foster networking opportunities. Our purpose is to highlight the strengths of individuals to foster partnerships, teams, and groups to accomplish common goals.

HiREI’s general meetings take place on the first Thursday of every month virtually online. Meeting opens at 6:30pm (Check “Events” tab for the most up to date event information). The speakers are professions that speak on topics ranging from financing to business building skills. All speakers bring insight into their specific areas regarding business and  real estate for both beginners and advance Investors.

HiREI also has weekly virtual online "Ask The Expert" meetings through out the month if you are interested in learning more about  a specific topic or with a specialized group check our “Events” tab for details.

Hawaii Real Estate Investor's Founder: Paul Xavier is a highly confident individual whose unwavering self-assurance has led to remarkable success in the realm of investments. His keen belief in the power of self-confidence and well-informed decision-making has enabled him to make astute investment choices, particularly in the lucrative domain of real estate.

As an accomplished author, Paul has penned a compelling book titled "Answering the 'What Ifs' in Real Estate." This insightful publication serves as a comprehensive guide for aspiring investors, shedding light on the nuances of real estate investment and offering invaluable advice on achieving financial independence through strategic property investments.

Paul is a passionate advocate for the potential of real estate as a vehicle for wealth creation. Through his book, he skillfully outlines practical strategies, proven techniques, and expert tips to empower readers to navigate the dynamic real estate market with confidence and precision. From uncovering hidden investment opportunities to mitigating risks, his book equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to seize lucrative real estate opportunities and pave their way toward financial freedom.

Beyond his literary contributions, Paul is an experienced and respected figure within the investment community. His track record of successful ventures in real estate stands as a testament to his expertise and foresight. Leveraging his extensive knowledge and astute decision-making skills, he has achieved remarkable financial milestones, demonstrating the profound impact that self-assurance and informed choices can have on one's investment portfolio.

Driven by his unwavering belief in the power of real estate, Paul continues to inspire and educate others through seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements. He imparts his wisdom, empowering individuals to harness their own confidence, make sound investment decisions, and ultimately achieve financial independence through the world of real estate.

With his unique blend of self-confidence, expertise in real estate investment, and an unwavering commitment to helping others succeed, Paul remains an influential figure in the investment realm. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice, his book and teachings are sure to inspire and guide you towards a prosperous future in the world of real estate.

Why should I join HIREI?
Being a member of HIREI is all about education and learning from each other and the experts. HIREI is dedicated to bring in only the best national and local educational speakers in order to keep us informed on up-to-date real estate investing innovations, laws and techniques. In addition, where else can you network with “hands on” investors that are willing to share their knowledge and experience? If you are considering the world of real estate investing, you owe it to yourself to become a member of the HIREI. "Memberships"

Professional Investors Find A Home At the HIREI
From tracking down the right information on complex real estate issues to providing networking opportunities with some of the most successful investors in the region, the HIREI has plenty to offer the seasoned veteran. Come join us and find out for yourself why so many smart investors turn to the HIREI for information on how to make more in real estate investing. As one member put it, “HIREI taught me that knowledge isn’t just power—-it’s profit!”

What if I don’t have any real estate experience?
Not a problem. As many of HIREI members are new to real estate investing, no doubt you will discover that other members share your interest and desire to learn how to become a successful real estate investor. To meet your needs, HIREI a diverse schedule of events tailored to the educational needs of a beginning investor. Also, you will find out the experienced investors are eager to offer advice and insight to further assist you on the road to success.

Monthly Meetings – The meetings that HiREI hold provide stimulating and thought-provoking presentations by key speakers in their fields of expertise covering a variety of subjects pertinent to real estate from an investor’s viewpoint. Speakers answer questions enabling you to gain professional insight. Periodically there’s a special “Question and Answer Session” where members submit their questions/problems and draw upon the knowledge and expertise of the general membership.

Networking – People meeting people, the time before and after programs provides a valuable opportunity to discuss your investment program with other members. The perfect opportunity to interact with folks just like you. who share ideas, dreams, aspirations. Develop your personal financial team. (This is the most valuable part of being an association member, because it provides encouragement and assistance.


  • Periodic Events, Classes and Special Gatherings – Hot topics that include do-it-yourself remodeling projects, evictions, how to collect a judgment, valuing an investment property, and our very popular Buy, Sell, Trade to name just a few. These events will also afford you an opportunity to get to know your fellow association members on an informal basis.
  • Real Estate Investing – learn in topics such as locating, buying, financing, renting, managing, maintaining, selling, and /or exchanging real estate for investment purposes. In addition to our monthly meetings, we also hold periodic Meetings, Workshops and Seminars. These events include Paul Xavier and other guest speakers discussing topics to assist in real estate investing:
  • Getting Started, Finding Money, Wholesaling, Buying Out of State, Buying/Selling Paper, Asset Protection, Saving Taxes, Flipping, Creative Financing, Property Management, Rehabbing, 1031 Exchange, Lease/Option, Foreclosures, Finding Deals, Negotiating, Deal Analysis, Short Sales

NOTE: If you are experienced speaker or presenter on related topics to HiREI and would be interested in being a guest speaker, sub-group host or just getting involved, please contact us at Info@HiREI.org.

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